PRICIMETRICS MAX is intended to save you time and make your life easier, not create another mountain of data to interpret.

Why Pricimetrics Max?

In 2019 when we launched Pricimetrics our intent was to create a solution for optimal pricing that was accessible to almost any company and any type of professional from a VP of Pricing to a Merchandising Manager. And we had one goal in mind; to reduce the burden of pricing multiple SKUs with only a spreadsheet.

Simply put, we want to make pricing as painless as possible for your organization no matter how big or small. Times are changing for businesses. We are doing this faster and smarter.  Tech has made it possible to have live meetings anywhere, have an app for anything, and automate all your business processes so you can focus on “that thing” that makes your organization a market leader.  So why leave your pricing in the dark ages?

So you’re interested in using pricing software, but why Pricimetrics Max? We have leveraged the knowledge and expertise of a team of economists, statistical programmers and MBAs to address the needs of folks just like you who are not looking to hire a consulting firm but want the same experience. We have made our software exceptionally transparent so you can see (should you desire) exactly how we arrive at our results. You can accept them, modify them., or even do scenario modeling whether you have a few hundred SKUs, or hundreds of thousands of items sold across 1,500 stores on four continents.

If you want to sweat it out, don’t do it at your desk, go to the gym. From now on you’re covered.  Why not, Pricimetrics?


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