Finding the profit maximizing price for a product, or group of products, can be difficult. It takes a fair amount of data, a bit of training, and some analytic chops to do it well. Many companies lack the necessary skillset in-house, and few have the bandwidth to

In the 1970s and 1980s, I was living in Brazil, but spent a fair amount of time in Argentina. Hyperinflation was rife in both countries. For a while prices were changing prices 3x a day in Argentina. They used to use sticker guns in those days; a product that was

We live in finger-pointing times. Companies are raising prices and blaming inflation, and some politicians are blaming inflation on companies raising prices. Both are true, though the root cause of inflation, what made it inevitable, is the increase in the money s

In many organizations, Pricing suffers from neglect, resulting in one of the following sina: Prices remain unchanged for far too long Prices are based on simplistic rules – typically cost plus a certain margin or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP

Pricimetrics makes software which helps companies maximize their profits by improving the way they allocate their resources. Among the decisions we help with are those involving pricing. Pricing is particularly interesting because it’s one of the fastest ways to

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