Pricimetrics Max is not just another price optimization solution 

We designed our algorithm with enhanced productivity in mind. We created a tool that will pass your brilliance onto thousands of SKUs with the click of a button. We are built for any individual within a company who has a goal to methodically identify the profit maximizing price for each of their products. If you have pricing responsibilities, we are for you.


Our elegant platform is fast and easy to master. Our stunningly beautiful dashboard allows you to visualize how your changes will affect revenue and plan for a better more profitable future.


Pricimetrics Max pours over all of your data and works with your instructions to deftly deliver profit maximizing prices for each of your SKUs, saving you hours of time each day and freeing you up to do the things you want to do.

Focus on success

As economists like to say; time is the most precious and scarce resource. Pricimetrics Max doesn’t waste time getting to work. It efficiently directs you to the products you need to focus on making you a time-saving, profit generating, real life super hero.


We have spent countless hours refining Pricimetrics Max to streamline your workflow, to better align with your goals, and to help your organization succeed. While Pricimetrics Max is busy doing the grunt work, your time is dedicated to elevating your strategy. We don’t like bottle necks, why should the aggravation of pricing thousands of products stop you from delivering profit? With Pricimetrics Max, sweating your pricing is a thing of the past.


Fear and uncertainty are the enemies of confidence. Doing nothing is not the answer. If you have not been able to move your pricing, you’ll be left behind in a relentlessly changing business environment. Pricimetrics can engage protocols for your pricing that will allow for incremental adjustments to provide a view to where your profit opportunities lie.

Don’t be sidelined waiting on implementation

Pricimetrics Max converts your data without a drawn-out implementation. You have important work to do and we don’t leave you waiting. Max is up and running quickly implementing machine learning to fast track precision results you can use immediately.


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