Increase Your Profits

Designed to increase your profits and reduce your team’s workload, so they can focus on business-critical activities.

Rapid & Easy Implementation

You’ll notice an increase in your ROI within days or weeks, not months.


Pricimetrics is designed to be easy to understand and provide useful and actionable recommendations no matter how comfortable you are with pricing, or with data.

No Black Box Effect

Pricimetrics is specifically designed to mimic a human pricing expert. It thinks and learns the way a trained human being does, but does so at the speed of software.



Pricimetrics can consider all sorts of data that might be available, including sales, advertising, competitor pricing, and even weather information.

Built For Retailers and Wholesalers

Pricimetrics is ideal for companies with a lot of transactions.


Pricimetrics is nimbler than a team of experts

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Pricimetrics does the grunt work analyzing the data looking for patterns and anomalies.  It also has a rudimentary intuition helping to avoid overfitting and other typical machine learning traps.

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Pricimetrics analyzes your company’s transactions looking for patterns. It will try a large variety of methods and models to see which works best under current market conditions.

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Add constraints to make sure that your prices never go above your competition or add constraints to prevent your price from having a negative impact on profit.

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Like the best human experts, Pricimetrics can also tell you how it reached its conclusions and why. You can even do “what if” scenarios and Pricimetrics will forecast outcomes at different prices.

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