DECEMBER 2020 Several more old friends of Mike’s join the team. Debra Patek, an expert on market research and customer analytics and a veteran of two startups, and Lee Fischman,

APRIL 2020 The first iteration of Pricimetrics’ price optimization software is complete, written partly in Visual Basic and partly in R. It is slow, and it is clunky, but it work

JULY 2019 Pricimetrics the software company is born, but the product is still a dream. Mike, has been working on a killer algorithm. We get great feedback from associates.

JANUARY 2019 Mike Kimel is working for a multinational company in Dallas, the company he works for has been testing price optimization software made by several reputable vendors. M

INTRODUCTION Origin stories are all the rage in the movies these days. And as it so happens, we have one too, complete with multiple flashbacks, the odd epiphany, an assemblage of

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